Wellness Tips (#2) – Stand Up!

As a nation, we sit too much – and it’s contributing to earlier deaths. The average person in the US spends 12 hours sitting (sedentary) each day, according to JustStand.org. That sedentary behavior is the 4th leading factor for global mortality and plays a part in 3.2 million deaths per year. And even if you get your recommended 150 minutes of exercise in each week, you’re still at risk. Scientists recommend standing every half hour during your work day or when you’re relaxing in the evening.

Making an effort to stand up every 30 minutes can combat these negative effects by boosting metabolism, burning calories, and bolstering energy and productivity levels. Set a timer to remind you to stand, or download an app to remind you if you haven’t gotten moving. Some ideas to add more standing? If you’re in an office, stand up when speaking with a co-worker or have a walking (masked) meeting. Working from home? Stand and walk around the house when on a phone call, check on the kids doing e-learning, or do small chores during your brief breaks to get moving AND cut down on the chores you need to do during your downtime.

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