The Power of Mantra Meditation

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Meditation can offer an escape for many, and a challenge for some. Whether it is finding the time, the space, or not wanting to be alone with our thoughts, meditation can be tricky. Mantra meditation is said to be one of the most seamless ways to enter the world of meditation. Mantra meditation offers a solution for those of us who are new to meditation, may have trouble with complete silence, or simply want to learn a different way to manage stress. Mantra meditation is an excellent way to experience a different type of escape and allow us to gain some focused clarity.

What is a mantra?

With roots in Hinduism and Buddhism, mantras have a long history that has transcended time, and made its way from Asia over to the West. Traditionally, a Mantra is a word or sound that is believed to have spiritual power. These words and sounds are rooted in a strong or particular belief, and are chosen by the speaker intentionally. It is repeated continuously throughout your meditation session. Though it has expanded in meaning along the way, the core principle of Mantra has remained—relaxation, focus, and clarity of the mind.
Mantras are chosen with the intention of achieving certain goals. The number of times you repeat the word is dependent on the Mantra. If you are practicing very traditionally, using Buddhist or Hindu phrases, you may be repeating the word anywhere from three or six times to 108 times.
In the most basic of senses, and in perhaps a more Western approach, a Mantra can be words of affirmation or phrases of positivity. Whether you use traditional phases or a sentence you have found or curated to fit what you need in the moment, having a mantra during meditation can offer substantial benefits.

Benefits of Mantra Meditation

Mantra Meditation can offer many benefits, both mentally and physically. On a basic level, as with most forms of meditation, Mantra Meditation can lower blood pressure, boost immunity, assist your body with releasing endorphins, and help achieve a sense of calm. On a more spiritual level, it is said that rhythm and sound move energy throughout the body. If you are repeating positive sounds or phrases, the idea is that you are passing positive energy throughout the body.
Aside from these benefits, learning a new stress coping method can help in our day-to-day lives. Since you only need yourself and your voice to practice Mantra meditation, it can easily be used to de-escalate moments of anxiety, or times when we’re feeling overwhelmed.

How Do I Start?

When beginning to dive into Mantra meditation, it is important to focus on what you want to achieve. Why are you meditating? Are you manifesting something in the future? Figuring out something from the past? Simply trying to relax? The word or phrase you choose should reflect the outcome you’d like to achieve. As mentioned before, Mantras move energy throughout the body, so it is essential to focus on your tone and focus on your desired outcome. Choose a word or phrase that calms you, brings you joy, or gives you hope.

To begin your meditation, find a quiet space, as free of distractions as possible. Choose someplace that makes you happy, maybe a sunny room in your home, or a quiet park. Take some deep breaths, close your eyes, and begin your practice. Using the Mantra you’ve chosen, repeat it. Then repeat it again. Continue this for as long as you wish, as often as you wish. Focus on the sound of your word or phrase, the vibrations your lips make while speaking if you choose to speak out-loud, or the internal vibrations the sounds make if you are choosing to practice internally. It’s completely normal for other thoughts to come into your head, acknowledge them and go back to focusing on your Mantra. The beauty of Mantra meditation is that you can feel the benefits from a single session, and you can continue to feel those benefits even as time passes. If you’re nervous about starting, or have had trouble meditating in the past, we recommend this quick five-minute video that offers an excellent introduction to the practice.

Mantras (Affirmations) to Use Now

Mantras are personal and can help convey many different types of emotion. Though we’ve selected a few popular affirmation phrases to get you started, we encourage you to find use phrases and words that mean something to you, and help propel you towards a positive energy.

  • I am the creator of my own happiness
  • I am a magnet for all that is good
  • Nobody determines my future but me
  • Om (a-u-m): “the primordial sacred sound”

If you’re looking for more traditional Mantras, we recommend this site. Please bear in mind that meanings can often get lost in translation, so please be considerate while using these Mantras.

Mantra meditation is one of the simplest ways to learn how to meditate, and we hope that you find a Mantra that truly speaks to you.

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